My breeding is registered in the Polish Felinological Federation Felis Polonia (FPL), which is a member of Federation International Feline (FIFE). I am a member of Baltic Feline club. Also is registered in the World Cat Federation( WCF).
We are a member of the Swedish
Russian Blue Klubben Norwegian Russian Blue Rasekattklubb Danish Russian Blue Klubben DK

Neytiri is a small, family owned Russian Blue cattery. Russian Blue cats are our love and passion, they have a special place in our hearts. We are so lucky to share our life and home with these precious felines, who fill every day with joy and surround us with their beauty.

We specialize in the breeding of high quality Russian Blue cats and dedicate ourselves to careful selection and the spread of this wonderful breed. Our primary goal is raising beautiful, healthy and happy cats.

Besides, we give our special attention to the temperament and loving personalities of our cats. Neytiri kittens are sweet, gentle and even-tempered, well adjusted and socialized, ready for a family environment. They enjoy being around people, love cuddles, purring and sleeping over the owner’s lap…

The breeder and the cat
Russian Blue cats are just perfect in every aspect. These beautiful felines are full of elegance and mystery. Their slender body, graceful movements, blue silky double coat and amazing emerald eyes make you fall in love with them at first sight.

Russian Blue is a cat of exceptional temperament and surprising inteligence. Being affectionate and playful, Russian Blue cat likes to be the center of attention and perfectly knows how to conquer the heart of any member of the family. Russian Blues are very devoted to their owners, gentle and friendly with kids and can easily live together with other pets. Sociable and friendly, loyal and clever, Russian Blues are wonderful pets and companions and become real members of the family.

We have only a few litters a year. From time to time we have Russian Blue kittens available as pets and looking for responsible and caring owners. If you like our cats, and would like a little blue wonder enter your life, feel free to contact us.


Where did come from the name of my breeding Russian Blue Neytiri ? πŸ’™


Neytiri te Tskaha Mo’at’ite is the Na’vi princess of the Omaticaya clan. She is the second-born daughter of Eytukan and Mo’at and younger sister of Sylwanin. She meets Jake Sully in a Pandoran forest, helping him when he is attacked by a pack of viperwolves. Neytiri soon becomes Jake’s teacher and helps him to complete several tasks. Eventually, they fall in love and mate under the Trees of Voices. Neytiri fights alongside Jake in the Assault on the Tree of Souls and saves him from being killed by Miles Quaritch. She will be the future TsahΓ¬k of the clan, with her mate, Jake, as Olo’eyktan.